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We are a creative digital marketing agency located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team consists of young and enthusiastic people ready to create the digital magic you need to grow your business further. Our team members are experts in various fields such as design, marketing, IT, digital communications and Public relations.


Onze exists a bit longer than some of our team members. Not many are familiar with this story. Back in 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina, the heart of Europe, was under siege. In that period Barcelona was the host of the 25th Summer Olympic games. At the time when the Olympic flame was lit in Barcelona, Sarajevo was in flames unfortunately. In Olympic spirit government and citizens of Catalonia decided to help Sarajevo by sending humanitarian packages. Four years after, Barcelona makes decision to form 11th district under the name District Sarajevo. Since then Onze represents a symbol of truth, support, kindness, love, peace and true friendship.


We are eager and motivated to take our clients to the next level. In order to do so, we provide a service where we understand and dedicate ourselves to clients. Our flexibility, creativity and passion is what makes us unique. Before creating, we choose to observe, research and get to know the client and their vision. Only then, we come up with a possible solution for you.


In July 2020, Onze Labs was selected and supported by EU4Business (Project created by European Union, UNDP, ILO and GIZ).

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